Opinions wanted for an anti-cancer thesis please!

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Opinions wanted for an anti-cancer thesis please!

 Hi there everyone,
I am a master degree student and am interested to do my thesis in the field of cancer, especially in the area of cancer and drug resistance. However, since the field is highly competitive in these days followed by like to find a research niche I came-up with a small hypothesis/plan, but certainly not sure whether it’s already established issues and missed to locate the right literatures or whether it might be worth to experiment further with the expensive techniques such as gene targeting/knock-out or RNAi, etc..? Not at all sure..!
So being in this basic preparative situation, I would like to ask your opinion for the following question. Please allow me to explain the proposal-question in a simplistic form: Imagine there are 3 genes are located in a genomic region. Among the 3 genes, 2 of them are partner to each other (i.e. ligand and receptor, for an example) and it’s regulate the normal physiological functions. The third gene plays something different function; it’s regulating the drug resistance, for an example. In this scenarios, what’s your opinions please – whether the signaling pathway and or functions from the 3rd gene might influence upon other partner genes during drug treatment (because they’re residing in a same genomic regions...) or it’s just doesn’t matter (staying together 3 genes and playing different functions) and it’s just an evolutionary in nature..?
Any of your suggestions/opinions and or feedbacks, including any literature suggestions etc are very welcome and appreciated.
Thank you very much for your courteous attention, in an advance.
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