NF-kappa B signaling pathway and cancer

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NF-kappa B signaling pathway and cancer

Currently, I am doing a secondary screening of phytochemicals as nuclear factor kappa B (NF-kappa B) inhibitors on A549 lung cancer cell line. And I also want to define mechanism by which NF-κB is inhibited by screened phytochemicals.
Based on most of published articles that I have read, I found that most of researches didn't add positive control (known NF-kappa B inibitor) in the experiement s for their studies. They just showed the results of cells treated with medium (negative control), cells treated with  NF-kappa B stimulator, and the cells treated with test sample and NF-kappa B stimulator.
Should I add a known NF-kappa inhibitor in the experiments in order to give the evidence that my tested sample is a NF-kappa B inhibitor? 
Anybody here has any idea or suggestion regarding the positive control for NF kappa B pathway on A549 cell line? 
Thank you.

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I like your idea of comparing

I like your idea of comparing to a known NF-kB inhibitor. I believe adding IkBa to your system will inhibit NF-kB activation. Here is a paper that does this:

and here is a paper that uses a different drug inhibitor that you may be able to find.

Good luck.