IkappaB alpha phosphorylation/activation

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IkappaB alpha phosphorylation/activation

   My second query is that, if compound X inhibits/decreases the phosphorylation of IkappaB alpha,  is it possible that it does not have any effect on total expression levels of total IkB alpha and total ikappa B alpha expression level remains unaltered instead of being increased? Also, if anyone could suggest any related publication to corroborate.

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 Dear Cancerbiology

 Dear Cancerbiology

IkappaB is a multifunctional kinase enzyme and to the best of my knowledge it is involved in more than 15 metabolic pathways as crucial as insulin mediated signaling, apoptosis and more. Although the NFkB mediated pathway involving IkB ....... ...levels lower following the phosphorylation , IkbAlfa levels regulating NFkB are far more transient in comparison to the IkB beta. 

Under such a case a logical presumption is that if IkB alpha remains nonphosphorylated (using an inhibitor compound) the levels shall remain unaltered.

I am looking for a reference for the same and in case I find one will revert back to you through PM.

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Gaganjot Singh