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i am a PG student . I want to do research in miRNA.Can any one suggest me some research topic related to this.

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Hi Namitas, miRNA is very hot

Hi Namitas, miRNA is very hot topic in molecular biology field with lots of options to study and move ahead. You can read the basics of this topic on these webpages and papers.
He S, Su H, Liu C, et al. (2008). "MicroRNA-encoding long non-coding RNAs". BMC Genomics 9: 236.
Zeng Y, Cullen BR (2005). "Efficient processing of primary microRNA hairpins by Drosha requires flanking nonstructured RNA sequences". J. Biol. Chem. 280 (30): 27595–603
Gregory RI, Chendrimada TP, Cooch N, Shiekhattar R (November 2005). "Human RISC couples microRNA biogenesis and posttranscriptional gene silencing". Cell 123 (4): 631–40
Hawkins PG, Morris KV (March 2008). "RNA and transcriptional modulation of gene expression". Cell Cycle 7 (5): 602–7.

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If you want to start your MSc

If you want to start your MSc project  then you need to search for a lab involved in the kind of work you are interested in. Then you need to see what is their basic theme. The function of miRNAs lie in regulation of gene expression and is indeed an interesting area of research. So first try to search for a lab as aforesaid. All the best !

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Cancer and microRNAs is an

Cancer and microRNAs is an emerging and exciting field that would make for a good research topic. Check out this Nature news and views on cancer genomics. It looks like the level of some miRNAs are altered in tumor biology.
Here is a figure on microRNA production from the paper:

Good luck and hope this paper helps.