Human version of FOXp3

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Human version of FOXp3

Rheumatoid diseases are caused by poor discrimination between self and nonself. A transcription factor called FOXp3 appears to be a prime player molecular basis of tolerance. Sakaguchi and colleagues showed that FOXp3 expression is confined predominantely to CD4+and CD25+Treg in the tymus. Foxp3 is a nuclear protein, has any cell surface marker related to FOXp3 being ever found?

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There is an urgent need to

There is an urgent need to detect specific cell-surface marker/s than can differentiate Treg from other activated T cells. The search for specific markers is pressing. It has been even suggested that Foxp3 may be important to other subsets of T cells. The research also leads to numerous therapeutic specularions to the point that scientists suggest that turning the expression down or off my increase tumor immunogenecity or reducing the risk of transplant rejection.

S.Hori et al.," control of regulatory T cell dvelopment buy the transcription factor Foxp3"' science, 299:1057-61, 2003.

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Any suggestions for the best

Any suggestions for the best antibody clone (source) for anti-human FOXp3?