Estimate annual reagents costs

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Estimate annual reagents costs

Can anyone provide a good estimate for the annual cost of reagents in a typical wet lab in academia?
I'm trying to figure out what specimens (antibodies, cell lines, plasmids, tissues etc) will cost annually.
I understand this figure will vary by field, methods etc but even a rough estimate or a range will help here.
Please specify what you base your numbers on and what assumptions you use.

Rajeshwari patel
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CoLAb  It is difficult qution what you are asking?

because it is vary  based on your work load in the lab

but you can take estimate  by berak up the values like, How much plasmid you are going to order in the anum? How many antibodies and how much quntity you are going to order in the year?
What is one time coast lke once you procure plasmid and cell line it is one time coast while consumable like antibodies and other reagents are consumable which is monthly  or once in two months coast based on that you can estimate your coast of reagent in lab.

I think this will help you