SPIE Optics Conference

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SPIE Optics Conference

SPIE Optics Conference

9-12 September 2007
Seaport World Trade Center,
Boston, Massachusetts USA

Next-generation photonic sensor technologies

Sensor Technologies:
Fiber Optics
Nanosensors and Photonic Crystals
Novel IR/VIS/UV Sources and Detectors
Multi/hyperspectral Imaging
Raman and SERS Imaging
Photon Counting and Correlation
Advanced Machine Vision and Image Processing
Spectroscopic System Design
Sensor networks

Multimedia Applications
Nanophotonic Components
Broadband Transmission Systems
Quantum Communications

Featuring solutions for:
Agriculture and Natural Resources
Environmental, Chemical, and Biological Sensing
Medical and Health Monitoring

Link: http://spie.org/Conferences/calls/07/oe/