Society For Neuroscience Annual Meeting 2005

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Society For Neuroscience Annual Meeting 2005

Neuroscience 2005, the Societys 35th annual meeting, will be held at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC, from November 12 16, 2005. Every year, the Society for Neuroscience provides the premiere venue for neuroscientists around the world to share their research findings. By attending lectures, symposia, and workshops, meeting attendees can experience the most exciting and cutting edge research that neuroscience has to offer.


Online abstract submission opens (9 a.m. submitter's local time). Apr. 25

Deadline for receipt of paper abstracts. Apr. 28

Deadline for membership application/change of membership status to sponsor an abstract. Apr. 29

Deadline for receipt of electronic abstracts (5 p.m. submitter's local time). May 12

Deadline for receipt of replacement abstracts. May 19

Deadline for withdrawal of abstracts. June 3

Notification of session assignments e-mailed. Early July


Advance member registration opens at noon EDT. July 12

Advance nonmember registration opens at noon EDT. July 19

Recommended advance registration receipt deadline for non-North American attendees to ensure timely receipt of name badge and program (if ordered). Aug. 5

Receipt deadline for advance registration by mail, fax, and phone. Sept. 14

Deadline for online advance registration at midnight EDT. Sept. 28

On-site online annual meeting registration opens and continues through the annual meeting. Oct. 5

Last day to apply for membership prior to annual meeting registration. Oct. 14

Last day to cancel annual meeting registration and receive refund. Oct. 14

On-site registration opens at the convention center. Nov. 11
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