International Scanning Probe Microscopy Conference

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International Scanning Probe Microscopy Conference

International Scanning Probe Microscopy Conference

Seattle, WA June 22-24, 2008


Scope of the Conference:

Scanning Probe Microscopy
Traditionally, ISPM symposiums provide an ideal occasion to present novel discoveries in theory, instrumentation and application of scanning probe microscopes. Applications of scanning probe techniques should emphasize studies of adsorbates as well as physical and chemical properties at solid surfaces. Topics of interest include high speed SPM, high resolution imaging of biomolecules, imaging of whole cells, processes on metals, semiconductors, and other solid surfaces.

Cantilevers Sensors
As at the previous conferences, a session on research utilizing probe microscope cantilevers and other microcantilevered structures for various physical, chemical and biological sensing applications will be included at this conference.

A nanostructure session will provide the opportunity to present novel discoveries of recent developments in theory, processing and applications of self-organized and synthetic sublithographic nanoscaled structure formations and properties. Applications of processing should include developments of nanoscaled devices. Topics of interest include surface roughness, step dynamics during film growth, epitaxial growth modes, phase separation on surfaces, characterization techniques, defect engineering and electronic properties of nanostructures.

Biosensor and Biochips
Biosensors and biochips session will provide the chance to present the development, fabrication and implementation of the novel materials and technologies for the creation of state-of-the-art biochips and biosensors. The scope of the topic will include the following: bio-array, bio-patterning, electrochemical biosensors, nano-scaled biosensor system, multi-functional biochips for biological diagnostics.