2nd International Symposium on Biothermodynamics

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2nd International Symposium on Biothermodynamics

2nd International Symposium on Biothermodynamics

February 21 - 22, 2008
DECHEMA-Haus, Frankfurt am Main

The 2. International Symposium on Biothermodynamics aims at presenting and advancing high quality research in basic and applied aspects of thermodynamics of biochemical and biological systems. It will stimulate further research in this field through the exchange of ideas and experience and a lively debate on state-of-the-art knowledge as well as gaps to be filled.

The field of biothermodynamic research derives its dynamic character from its diversity. Its activities are ranging from intracellular thermodynamics to thermodynamics of biomolecules such as proteins to downstream processing aspects. Today the industrial relevance of biothermodynamics is undisputed.

The programme of thesymposium will provide a comprehensive overview of the field of biothermodynamics - from fundamental research topics to industrial applications. Experts from the international scientific community will present their latest research achievements and progress, inspiring future work in this exciting field.

Link: http://events.dechema.de/Biothermodynamics_2008