PhD student in Biophysics and Nanobiotechnology: Linnaeus University

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PhD student in Biophysics and Nanobiotechnology: Linnaeus University

Welcome to Linnaeus University! A place for knowledge, ideas and development. For growth potential and a belief in the future. In Småland and in the world.
Formal research area: Biomedical Sciences
Research in biomedical sciences and biotechnology at Linnaeus University is performed within the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences where strong research areas include molecular biophysics and biotechnology, the focal points of the current project.
Applicants should have a Master degree (240hp/240ECTS) in a subject area of relevance for the project (chemistry, biology, physics etc depending on major focus). Previous, well-documented experience of research work using fluorescence microscopy is considered favourable in the case of experimental focus. Previous experience from use of software such as Mat lab and different molecular modeling tools is considered favorable in the case of theoretical focus. Generally, previous studies of molecular motors are judged favorably. Basic prerequisites are laid out in the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance (Högskoleförordningen), Chapter 5 and 7.
Terms of employment: The vacancy is a fully funded full-time four years appointment with the objective to obtain a PhD.
Applicants should submit CV, documentations of exams, copy of Master thesis and reprints if available. A short motivation (< 1 A4 page, font 12) explaining the wish to work in the current project and have a PhD in Biomedical Sciences should also be included. This motivation should include citations of recent work by Alf Månsson and co-workers. Finally, contact information (phone number and e-mail) for at least two reference persons should be given. The application has to be registered no later than June 1 2014. Ref: PA 2014/240-2.2.1

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