Biophysicist Postdoc Fellow

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Biophysicist Postdoc Fellow

Biophysicist Postdoc Fellow

Description: The Life Sciences Division has an opportunity for a Postdoc to use cryo-electron microscopy, diffraction and tomography along with related image reconstruction to determine 3 D structures of tubulin crystals and microtubules in complex with other proteins and ligands in order to elucidate mechanisms of microtubule stabilization and function. The selected candidate will develop and test hypotheses concerning these molecular functions.

As a Postdoc your work will involve one or more of the following:

(1) Carry out studies of drugs bound to tubulin crystals using electron diffraction, high resolution imaging crystallographic data processing, and computer-based modeling.
(2) Carry out studies of the structure of proteins bound to microtubules, using cryo-electron microscopy and image reconstruction.
(3) Carry out studies of microtubule complexes such as doublets, triplets and basal bodies using cryo-electron tomography and image processing, including averaging of 3-D volumes.

Each of these may involve: Preparation of EM samples. Recording data on electron microscope. Processing images to generate 3D density maps. Interpretation of results in terms of atomic structures of tubulin, other proteins, and ligands. Developing software for improved image reconstruction. Preparation of proteins by expression in a bacterial system, as necessary. Isolation of microtubule complexes, as necessary.

You will also prepare results for publication and make presentations at seminars and scientific meetings. Communicate results in group meetings and participate in professional activities, as appropriate. Maintain an accurate and detailed notebook describing experiments performed and ensure that results could be duplicated by others. Contribute to other group activities related to protein expression and purification and to general advances in understanding the theory of electron scattering, image formation and image reconstruction.


PhD in biophysics or related field.

Expertise in high resolution cryo-electron microscopy and associated 3D image reconstruction.

Ability to prioritize assignments and meet deadlines.

Ability to design and carry out independent research.

Documented evidence of ability to summarize research data for publication and presentations.

Experience in x-ray or electron crystallography, electron tomography.

This is a full time, one-year term appointment with the possibility of renewal contingent upon continued funding and satisfactory performance. There are two openings for this position.

To apply:

For immediate consideration, please click on the link below to be redirected to the lab website then follow the online instructions to apply. As part of the online application process, please submit a single attachment that includes both your resume and a cover letter.

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