The Scanning Probe Microscope in Biology

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The Scanning Probe Microscope in Biology

The Scanning Probe Microscope in Biology
S.M. Lindsay
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Arizona State University


Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Fundamentals of AFM: Sensitivity and Resolution
2a: Intrinsic sensitivity of the optical lever
2b. Limits on interaction forces - thermal noise
2c. Limits to resolution and imaging in fluid
3. Interactions at a liquid-solid interface
4. Mechanics of the AFM cantilever in a fluid
5. Mechanism of Dynamic Force Microscopy in Fluid
5.1. Introduction
5.2. Operating amplitude and spring constant for DFM in liquid.
5.3. Acoustic versus magnetic drive
5.4 Harmonic and anharmonic analysis of low frequency data
5.5. Amplitude decay over a wide frequency range
5.6. A numerical model of the high amplitude DFM
5.7. Summary and future development
6. Practical Instrumentation
7. Sample preparation
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Adsorption from solution
7.3 Equilibration on the surface
7.4 Salt effects on adsorption and conditions for weak adsorption
7.5 Silane treatments of mica
7.6 Adsorption of heterogeneously charged material
7.7 Future developments
8. Imaging
9. Non-linear elasticity of individual molecules
10. Chemical bonds and anti-body-antigen interactions
11. STM images of biological molecules and electrical measurements on single molecules
12. Future Development