Problem with a Dagan PC-One patch-clamp amplifier

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Annielle Mendes
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Problem with a Dagan PC-One patch-clamp amplifier

 I'm having problems with two patch-clamp amplifiers DAGAN PC-ONE 
The first one is not obeying the command of the junction, then there's no way to make the eletrodes compensation, I think it's a problem with the headstage. I don't know, what can I do?
In the second one, the valve of voltage is unregulated, the display demonstrates a value and the value of the voltage applied is another. And in some moments, the voltage clamp doesn't work greatly, it is no clamping. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do, I am very worried about it. 
Thank you!

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 If it really is aproblem

 If it really is aproblem with the headstage, you should be able to plug in a model cell and run simple diganostics.

If you cannot perform fast and accurate voltage clamp on with the model cell plugged in then there is likely an issue in the headstage and/or amplifier and you should contact the manufacturer.  

the model cell will also help you diagnose the issue with the value of the voltage applived vs displayed.