Translational Biomaterial Research

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Translational Biomaterial Research

Society For Biomaterials
Translational Biomaterial Research
Advancing Discoveries from the Laboratory to the Clinic
September 11-13, 2008
Buckhead (Atlanta), Georgia


To improve the lives of patients, scientific research must have practical applications. Discoveries made at the bench must ultimately find their way to the patient's bedside. From September 11th to the 13th 2008, the Society For Biomaterials will host a three day symposium in Atlanta (Buckhead), Georgia which will focus not only on expediting this process, but also on the new and emerging technologies in the biomaterials field that are currently in the midst of such translation.

The Society will begin soliciting abstracts in 2008 (Deadline March 15, 2008) for presentation in one of two session formats: Clinical Application Sessions will focus on the latest research being applied clinically, and will include an invited lead speaker; Technology Rapid Fire Sessions will include research advances that are on the brink of clinical application. Following is a preliminary list of topics for these session formats:

Clinical Application Sessions (90 min) Each session will have 6 presentations (10 min presentation, 5 min Q&A similar to the Annual Meeting General Sessions).)

What is the State of the Stent?
Ocular Comfort and Drug Delivery
Inflammation & Immunology
Neural & Neurosurgical Applications
Current and Future Strategies for Repair and Replacement of Hard Tissues
Musculoskeletal Applications
Imaging & Therapeutics Delivery
Technology Rapid Fire Sessions (60 min) Each session will have two blocks (30 min); each block will have 5 presentations (5 min) followed by 5 min of Q&A for all presentations in the block. Presenters will also have a poster at the poster session designated as Rapid-Fire presenters. (This is a new session format for the Society.)

Biomaterials for Nanomedicine: From Bench to Bed
Cell-interfacing Technologies
Tissue Engineering Strategies
Novel Biomaterials
To foster open communication, the symposium will also include interactive Workshops and Panel Discussions:

Workshops (60 min.)- The purpose of a workshop is for the presenters to provide an in-depth educational experience on topics relating to biomaterials with a significant amount of time dedicated to discussion and questions and answers. Both Workshops will be held concurrently on Thursday Evening.

Genomic & Proteomic Chips in Translational Medicine
Process Development & Manufacturing of Cells & Tissue Engineered Constructs
Panel Discussions: Panel discussions are a format that foster open debate on a topic. The invited guests include renowned experts in the area of focus and the chair allows time for open discussion with the audience.

Regulation of Biomaterials (90 min.)
Before the IPO: A Biomaterials Primer for Translation (120 min.)
In addition, invited keynote speakers will address topics relevant to both academic researchers and medical device manufacturers. Invited keynote lecturers include: Scott Bruder, Becton Dickinson, Jennifer West, Rice University, and Glenn Prestwich, University of Utah.