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Jitendra Sinha
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Research Associate

Research Associate (4 Months Fixed-Term) at Keele University

Faculty of Health, Institute of Science and Technology in Medicine
Starting Salary: Grade 7 £29,705
This role will require a highly motivated person to develop the nanomedicine for cancer-oriented drug delivery systems (CoDDS) construct using artificial synthetic biomaterials and magnetic nanoparticles that
a) can be a form of single particle beads, composite (core-shell), mesoporous metallic/inorganic nanoparticles, block co-polymer (polymer, liposome), to deliver therapeutic chemicals for specific cancer site. The therapeutic chemicals include a commercial drug, protein, gene, insoluble, unstable therapeutic anticancer compounds etc
b) are small enough to diminish the recognition by phagocytic cells in the reticuloendothelial system (RES) and enabling the use of entirely new cancer therapies.
c) will be chemically modified for stealth coating to avoid interaction with biological components.
d) will be fabricated by considering the extracellular matrix biology, cell receptors and immunology, how the body responds to specific materials. The suggested CoDDS can be incorporated hydrophobic/hydrophilic drug with active surface modifications by active functional ligand for passive targeting for specific target organ, receptor, vascular, and nerve etc.
Applicants should be highly motivated, with good communication, organisational and interpersonal skills with an ability to work on their own initiative. They should also possess a PhD in biomaterials, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry degree or related discipline. A background/experience in RAFT polymerization to synthesize amphiphilic block copolymers is required to incorporate numerous types of functional monomers. The candidates should have experience of culture of human cells, histology, molecular biology and protein biochemistry techniques. Expert training will be provided. Experience of research in a laboratory and/or practical working environment are essential.
For an informal discussion and more details on this post please contact Dr Do-Kyung Kim, Tel: 01782 554600 or e-mail:
Full job packs are available from the Human Resources Department, Keele University, Keele, Staffs, ST5 5BG, Fax: 01782 733471 or e-mail: or
Please quote post reference: RE09/03
Closing date for applications: 9 February 2009
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