Biomedical Scientist opening

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Biomedical Scientist opening

DermaPort, located in Santa Clarita, California, was founded in 2005 to create a family of percutaneous access devices. These devices will enable convenient and safe access to the body for a variety of applications in several important fields of medicine. At DermaPort, our mission is to develop, manufacture, and market percutaneous access devices incorporating new technology permitting safe repeated access to the body.

Use your knowledge and experience in biomedical science to design and evaluate innovative biomaterials and biocompatible coatings to promote tissue integration and prevent rejection or marsupialization of long-term, percutaneously implanted medical devices.

Apply biomedical and analytical scientific knowledge and skills to the design and evaluation of innovative biocompatible coatings and biomaterials. Design and characterize biomaterials and test in vitro and in animal models. Interface with engineering staff to translate design and biomedical science concepts into commercializable products. Identify and / or develop in vitro and animal models, and generate protocols for evaluation and analysis. Conduct in vitro and animal testing and evaluate results. Generate written reports and publications. Present findings at scientific meetings and conferences. Interface with vendors, physicians, and academics as required to advance the program. Contribute to the intellectual property position of the company via invention and patent applications. Maintain accurate documentation of concepts, designs, drawings, and processes as guided by GLP regulations. Maintain current knowledge of competitive and related technologies. Translate developments in basic science, technology, and other biomedical fields to the applications under development.


• Develop methodology to test biomaterials or other aspects of the biomedical devices under development in vitro and in vivo.
• Analyze, optimize, and improve proprietary biomaterial technologies developed by company, working in appropriate animal and in vitro models.
• Contribute to the understanding of the mechanisms of action of the coatings and biomaterials at the cellular level and tissue level.
• Convert discoveries and experimental findings to intellectual property.
• Adapt coating and biomaterial designs to variety of medical device applications.
• Work closely with physicians, pathologists, testing facilities, consultants, and biology experts to advance the position of the company in the field of biocompatible coatings.
• Support eventual product release and promotion with presentations and publications in peer-reviewed settings.

Must be self-motivated individual, with proven track record of working in a small team to accomplish well-defined objectives with minimal daily supervision. Must be goal-oriented and disciplined, able to take charge and make decisions, but at the same time motivate outside resources to accomplish the mission.


M.S. biomedical engineering, biology, chemistry, or related field with at least 3 years (or B.S. with at least 5 years) of experience working in industry is required. Experience in biomaterials, orthopedics, or dental implants as well in animal models is also preferred. A history of relevant publications and presentations is preferred.

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