ChIP-Seq and Gene Ontology with Galaxy-UCSC

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ChIP-Seq and Gene Ontology with Galaxy-UCSC

I am currently doing some ChIP-Seq experiments, to analyze the data I get from the PeakFinder of my choice I'm using the Galaxy tool from the UCSC browser to manipulate my intervals. What I have is a file in .BED format with the chromosome number, Start, End of the position and then I fetch the closest features and up to this moment everything is perfect but now that I have the positions of the nearest features to my putative binding sites I would like to get the gene symbol, description y GO for each one of them in a sort of table so as I can analyze it later on and make relationships.
Is there a direct  tool between Galaxy and a Gene ontology database?
Any help about this topic will be appreciated.
Thank you in advance.