Workshop on "Know your high-throughput data"

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Workshop on "Know your high-throughput data"

Date: June 4th & 5th 2009
Biobase is organizing two days workshop on "Know your high-throughput data - find the regulatory networks upstream of differentially expressed genes". This workshop will give more insight into the analysis of high-throughput data such as micro-array, proteomic and gene expression studies.
Session topics: Explaining gene regulation with systems biology
- Functional analysis & classification
- Promoter analysis
- Signaling network analysis
- Chip-chip/seq analysis
- Dynamic simulation
- Group discussion.
This workshop mainly aims to give hands on experience to the participants to Biobase databases and tools; henceforth you will have the opportunity to apply our proprietary knowledge bases and system biology tools to analyze your own data sets.
Registration Fee:- For academic participants - FREE
VERY LIMITED SEATS - Prior registration is MUST. 
email to at the earliest, we will confirm your participation by email after reviewing your interest.