3 Days National Workshop on Structural Bioinformatics Tools and Application

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3 Days National Workshop on Structural Bioinformatics Tools and Application

3 Days National Workshop on Structural Bioinformatics Tools and Applications
23 April 2011 - 25 April 2011

Structural bioinformatics was the first major effort to show the application of the principles of bioinformatics to question macromolecular structures, molecular interaction, prediction of protein structures, prospects of coupling drug design, discovery and delivery. Additionally, it focuses on how the application of bioinformatics to these life science issues can improve healthcare by accelerating drug discovery and development. Advances in high-throughput technologies and the wealth of information generated with these projects have radically transformed the way in which homology based protein modelling and drug discovery projects can be handled.

The 3 days intensive workshop aims at providing the participants with the basic understanding in the areas of modern structural bioinformatics, homology-based protein prediction approaches, drug discovery and drug delivery. After finishing the course the participants will be able to:

• Use Internet-based structural bioinformatics tools and analyze the three-dimensional structure of a protein and a protein-ligand complex and perform homology-based modelling.

• Understand the general principles related to both wet lab as well as dry lab procedures in relation with protein structure prediction, drug discovery and drug delivery. This would help them to take active part in the planning and the subsequent development of such types of projects.

First Floor Devdarshan Building
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A.B. Road , Palasia , Indore , India -452001
Desk Phone : 0731-4202793
email : info@biointelligence.in

More details at: http://www.biointelligence.in/3-days-national-workshop-on-structural-bioinformatics.html

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