Post-Doc Positions: Center for Genetic Research Ethics & Law, Case Western

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Post-Doc Positions: Center for Genetic Research Ethics & Law, Case Western

Post-Doctoral Positions Available at the Center for Genetic Research Ethics and Law, Department of Bioethics, Case Western Reserve University

The Center for Genetic Research Ethics and Law (CGREAL) Post-Doctoral Program recruits trainees who have demonstrated promise as researchers in interdisciplinary fields that are relevant to genetic research ethics and law, and who can immediately benefit from didactic training and intensive mentorship. Its major goal is to train researchers whose work is focused on seeking answers to ethical, legal, and social questions surrounding the design and conduct of human genetic research, and the development of sound ways to implement such answers in policy.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of this research, it is often the case that individuals come to work on ELSI topics in an idiosyncratic fashion. To remediate this, we offer a flexible 1-2 year training program to help guide young investigators to this field of study and to provide them with integrated but focused training. We targeted individuals for training who have received a doctorate in the social and behavioral sciences (i.e., sociology, psychology, anthropology), genetics or other basic sciences, nursing and medicine, law and the humanities.

Program Description:
The CGREAL Post-Doctoral Program is based in an experiential learning environment situated within mentored relationships. The current size of the program is quite modest; we take, on average, two new trainees per year and never more than three.

The training program consists of:

- An individualized longitudinal curriculum in ethics, genetics, and the social sciences, offered through relevant academic departments and programs. Upon entry into the program, each trainee's research and clinical training is evaluated to ascertain which "package" of courses the trainee will take;
- Development of tailored genetic research ethics research experiences designed to expose trainees to a variety of research paradigms and disciplines;
- A mentored genetic research ethics research project designed and conducted by the trainee in collaboration with his/her mentors.

The 2009 stipend for a post-doctoral fellow is $39,009. Health benefits are included in the package, as well as sick and vacation time.

Application Requirements:
Candidates are required to submit the following set of documents 1) a recent curriculum vitae including previous research experience; 2) a personal statement describing the reason for seeking research training and their specific interests in genetic research ethics; 3) one general letter of recommendation; 4) letter of support from their training director or doctoral committee chairperson/advisor.

Applications will be accepted until February 15th, 2009.

For more information, please contact:

Aaron Goldenberg at (216) 368-8729 ( or visit