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Post doc position

I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post this job ad. A friend is looking for a postdoc in biosafety and risk assessment. 
Postdoc Position in the FWF-NSFC1 joint project I215 „Investigating the biosafety and
risk assessment needs of synthetic biology in Austria and China“
March 31, 2009
Organisation for International Dialogue and Conflict Management (IDC), Vienna,
Austria. web:
This is a joint project with the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Synthetic biology can be understood as the application of true engineering principles
to biology. Whereas in “genetic engineering” the term engineering is used as a
metaphor, in synthetic biology it is a methodology. In a sense synthetic biology is the
next development step after genetic engineering.
Our objective is to provide better scientific insight into the challenges synthetic
biology addresses in the field of biosafety and risk assessment. This objective – we
think- is best tackled from an international perspective, including a European
(Austria) and Chinese persepective. We will pursue our objectives in three steps:
1) analysing the current developments in synthetic biology and its different
subfields; with a special focus on Europe and China;
2) investigating the safety (and security) implications of synthetic biology;
3) review current biosafety regulations and prepare recommendations to improve
existing biosafety assessement frameworks
The community has recognized the need to address safety concerns in synthetic
biology, but up to now discussions are only fragmentary and insufficient. Our project
we will contribute to the establishment of a European - Chinese network of
researchers investigating the safety and security aspects of synthetic biology.
As a reference see the previous IDC project SYNBIOSAFE:
Duration: The appointment (100%) will be initially for 1 year. If the results are good
the appointed period will be prolonged to a total duration of 36 months.
Start/ End: April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2012
Location: Vienna, Austria
Salary is based on the Austrian FWF scheme for Postdocs (see:
1 FWF: Austrian Science Fund. NSFC: National Natural Science Foundation China
The successful candidate will analyse latest developments in synthetic biology,
investigate the biosafety implications of synthetic biology, review current biosafety
regulations, assist in the conceptual design of new biosafety engineering tools,
prepare recommendations, publications and reports, carry out dissemination work
(conferences, meetings, website), and communicate regulary with our Chinese
cooperation partner IBCAS. Annual trips to China for project meetings are foreseen.
The candidate for the PostDoc position is expected to have a PhD degree or an
equivalent qualification. As the work is highly interdisciplinary a background in one or
preferably more of the following areas is required: synthetic biology, molecular
biology, nano(bio)technology, bioengineering, biochemistry, electronic engineering,
risk assessment, biosafety, technology assessment. Previous experience in synthetic
biology is an advantage. The candidate needs to have skills that allow her/him to
manoever in largely unmapped scientific areas. It goes without saying that
proficiency in computer skills, familiarity with standard office software applications,
good organizational skills, plus excellent verbal and written communication skills in
English is a must.
Send your application (writing the application number I215 at the top left side of the
letter and envelope) before the specified deadline to:
Dr. Markus Schmidt
International Dialogue and Conflict Management
Kaiserstr. 50/6, 1070 Vienna,
Alternatively, you can e-mail your application letter to: