Biethics and religion

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Biethics and religion

I am not particularly religious or spiritual, thus I tend to look at body parts (including embryos of any stage) as biological samples, and not as sacred manifestations of God's divine power. I don't like the concept of murder, but death is part of life and the definition of when it is acceptable to kill and when it is not is fascinating to me. OK for food, not for sport. OK as punishment, but not for convenience. OK for science, but not for pleasure. OK for America to kill in the name of god...oops, off topic...

In spite of not being religious, I have deep respect for people's religious beliefs. I found a very interesting report on embryonic stem cells in which religious thought leaders from all the major religiouns wre invited to comment on the acceptability of using human tissue for research. Of special interest were the circumstance under which some religions said it is OK to use embryos.

If this topic is of interest to you, I invite you to read this rather lengthy document at: National Biethics Advisory Commission - Ethical Issues in Human Stem Cell Research - Religious Perspectives

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Thank you!

Thank you!

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It's quite lengthy.

It's quite lengthy.

66 pages......

I'm interested in such a topic.

Using human stem cells for research is controversial..

At this moment, I uphold quite a neutral position on such a debate.

Coz I dun think that we should always use stem cells for research.

But, in some circumstances, we may have to in order to save human lives