Engineering Cell Biology 2009

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Engineering Cell Biology 2009

Engineering Cell Biology 2009
Santa Cruz, CA, Aug 9-12, 2009
The Engineering Cell Biology 2009 meeting will bring together engineers and cell biologists to discuss emerging mechanisms and quantitative design principles of cell systems and how these insights may be applied to meet biomedical challenges. The meeting will highlight quantitative insights into how cells interact with their complex microenvironment, how they process environmental cues to make decisions about survival, growth, migration and differentiation, and how they organize into dynamic multicellular structures. Emphasis will be given to how these insights are advancing commercial applications, such as target identification and drug development, development of human disease models, cell-based therapies, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The session topics include:

  • Systems approaches to therapeutic strategies
  • Quantitative imaging: the when and where of cell regulation
  • Probing and parsing cellular mechanotransduction
  • Lessons from the niche: toward intelligent synthetic scaffolds
  • Multicellular morphodynamics: from individual cells to multicellular phenotype
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