AD plaques

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AD plaques


I have some questions about Alzheimer's disease plaques. I know they consist of Abeta protein, but I am uncertain if the plaques found in brains in AD patiens only consist of fibrillar structures of Abeta or if there could be mixtures of everything there?

Also, I read somewhere that even in healthy people, plaques can be found in their brains. What is the difference between their plaques and AD patient's plaques? Are the healthy people plaques from other proteins than Abeta or it doesn't matter?

And I read that the kinetics for formation of plaques can be different from case to case, why is this? And does the formation speed have something to do with if a person develop disease or not? Has it to do with the surrounding environment in the brain?

And, I have understood that amyloid fibrils can be formed via different pathways, and this is most hard to understand. How can that be? What decides the pathway?

I hope anyone can answer some of my questions.

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