Using Tryptophan to follow kinetics

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Using Tryptophan to follow kinetics

Ok, so Im only a lowly research scientist with a B.S. that reports to a phd level researcher.

Earlier this week I was asked to follow tryptophan flouresence  of a protein as I titrated the protein with a ligand.

The protein has 3 Tryptophans, the ligand has 8 Tryptophans.  

I am busy, and this will be a very time consuming experiment, I am trying to convince the person who asked me to do this experiment that it does not make sense due to the ligand being so Trp heavy, all we will really see is the increase in flouresence that comes from the ligand.

Am I wrong?

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 Any aromatic amino acids in

 Any aromatic amino acids in the experiment will increase the fluorescence of "protein x". What is the exact purpose of your experiment? I do not understand what you are exactly trying to do. 
How are you measuring protein fluorescence? Is it through a Bradford Assay?