calculating the kcat

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calculating the kcat

Hi, i am trying to work out my kcat value and have the follwing information:

the enzyme concentration used was 0.007 mg per ml

the volume of enzyme added was 100ul into 3ml

the molecular weight of the enzyme is 149.5 kDa and it has 4 subunits

The vmax is 3.63 umoles min-1 ml-1

I know that kcat = vmax/[e]t but i am struggling to use the correct units as my kcat value needs to be in s-1

can anyone help?! Thanks

Chin Fen Teo
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HI namniow123,

HI namniow123,

Divide your vmax (3.63 umole/ by 60 will transform its unit into umole/ Then you are on the right track to use the equation for your kcat calculation.

Good luck.