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Hi vrybody
I'm doing some IHC and I've been using poly-l-lysine to coat microscopic slides, now I'm out of poly-l-lysine and the waiting is killing me. I find out that I can use albumin/glycerol solution as an alternative.
Does anybody know the protocol for this?
Please guys help, it very urgent!

Ivan Delgado
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Hi vrybody,
While you can coat slides for IHC with different compounds, coating them with albumin/glycerol is very different than coating them with poly-l-lysine. In other words you will likely get different results. What kind of detection are you trying to perform? Would using a different coating agent be an issue for this application?
Coating with albumin should be as simple as deciding on the amount to use (typically 1%), applying a layer over the slide, and then drying the slide. Pretty much the same way you would apply a layer of poly-l-lysine. You can always prepare a higher concentration solution to reduce the amount of time you incubate over the slide since albumin is a lot cheaper than poly-l-lysine.