Five Reasons to Say Good Bey to Junk Food

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Five Reasons to Say Good Bey to Junk Food

Five Reasons to Say Good Bey to Junk Food
Topic covered:
Calcium disappearance
Liver damage
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Junk food is the best friend to human beings. It is very useful during watching TV/movie/performance. Whatever the age period you are in, you may love it for its teasty. However, it is the friend to human, as well as the enemy to our health. Do you want to learn how harmful the junk food near by your hands is? See following items.

1. Fried and barbecue
Representatives: chips and kebab
Chips and kebab are delicoius food, but you know they are all the friends to the cancer, which is the most dangrous disease for human, as well as Cardiovascular disease. In the chips, there is Acrylamide --2 level pollution, which is equal to car exhaust emissions. And in the kebab is full of Triphenyl Sibing imidacloprid, which is one of the leader factors for the cancer.

2. Drinks
Representatives: cola and soft drink
The reasons why we should not drink cola and other soft drink can not be proved by the meadical researches recently. Someone said They may cause the Calcium disappearance, which is still in discussion. However we can tell if it is harmful for our health from the reaction after drinking them. We will feel Bloating and it contains much suger, which may stimulate the desire for more food.

3. Biscuit/candy and Frozen Dessert
Representatives: Biscuit, candy and ice cream
Summer is coming, the ice cream and other frozen dessert is going to be held in hands. However, at the same time, the obesity is after you. Ice cream contains much cream, which is the best friend for obesity. Taking into too much cream can not only influence your body shape but damage your Lipid Metabolism system. Once the lipid metabolism system is damaged, many diseases and obesity can not be controlled. The crucial role of lipids in biological physiology is evident not only in energy storage and structural components of cellular membranes, but also in signal transduction, membrane trafficking and morphogenesis. So it is very important for our health. except the cream, the suger also will cause many disease, such as Diabetes. So we should take these legitimately.

4. Canned food
Representatives: canned fruit and canned meat
There are three reasons why they are dangerous. The first is destruction of vitamins and protein denaturation; the second is excessive fat and low nutrients; the last one is contacting with the aluminum and tin may suffer from Alzheimer’s.

5. Preserved fruits
Representatives: Plum and Confiture
These food contains much nitrite / overly salty / preservative / essence, which are harmful to our liver. During the process, vitamin C is completely destroyed. There is no other nutrients except the fat. And the overly salty will lead to hypertension.

These items is the harm of junk food. Does these food lay beside your hands ? If does, what will you do?

About the author: Creative proteomics is the proteomics division of CD Inc. It offers a full range of drug development services. And nowadays, it has listed a new service—Lipidomics. This service is associated to obesity, which is the main enemy for our modern people.