Degradation semipermeable membrane?

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Degradation semipermeable membrane?

I am a grad student who is going through various ideas for research proposals, and I have an idea that requires a semipermeable membrane that can be controllably degraded without killing mammalian cells.

I was thinking about using a cellulose ester membrane and using cellulase to degrade the membrane. I've been going through some of the product catalogs though, and they claim that their membranes cannot be biologically degraded.

I dont know if this is the right forum, but does anyone know of any semi-permeable membranes that can be controllably degraded (ideally enzymatically), without damaging mamallian cells?

Sami Tuomivaara
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As it happens I worked in the past with protein sample with cellulase contaminant in it and it ate my regenerated cellulose dialysis tubing (regenerated cellulose is chemically unmodified cellulose). Spectra/Por has regenerated cellulose dialysis tubing with a range of molecular weight cutoff values that could be usable for you.

Quick googling shows that carboxymethylcellulose is degradable as well by cellulases...