New apoptosis inducing reagent

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Guo-qiang Huang
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New apoptosis inducing reagent

I recently have screened a monoclonal antibody for apoptosis inducing reagent, which can induce Jurkat cell apoptosis (at 100ng/ml for 30 mines, cells started to form clusters; at 300ng/ml for 1hr, 100% of jurkat cells got apoptosis; showed by Annexin V Positive, PI negative).
The antibody can be labeled on the surface of 90-100% B cells, 90-100% monocytes, 1% T cells of the human peripheral blood.
This antibody can not induce other cancer cell line going apoptosis.
This antibody can not induce normal T,B ,or monocyte for apoptosis.

It seems likely this is a human lymphocyte marker that has never been illustrated. the ligand might have a special effect on certain T cells.

Any suggestion or collabolators?