2007 Antibody Source Book from AbD Serotec

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2007 Antibody Source Book from AbD Serotec

New Literature Release

Munich, Germany

2007 Antibody Source Book

This essential antibody reference brings you invaluable information about more than 10,000 antibodies against targets from a variety of different species, a detailed insight into HuCAL custom monoclonal antibody generation in just 8 weeks, and a wide range of custom antibody manufacturing services. A free copy is available from AbD Serotec at www.ab-direct.com.

Combining all the antibodies from Serotec, Biogenesis and Oxford Biotechnology, the Source Book also includes details of a wide range of antigens, kits, and accessory products all supported by the AbD Serotec Quality Guarantee. In addition, it outlines the advantages of AbDs new Research Rewards Program, and signing up for regular communications including monthly New Product E-mails.

For the very first time this indispensable publication incorporates chapters about antibodies against Pharmaceutical Compounds, and Microbiology Antigens. These complement the traditional favorites like Cell Biology, Neurology, Veterinary, Rodent and Human Reagents. Conveniently, there are three indexes so that the user can search by Clone designation, Specificity or Product Code. If the reader cannot find the right product match in the Antibody Source Book, AbD Serotec provides a free, personalized Antibody Location Service, or can develop an exquisitely-specific HuCAL monoclonal against the desired antigen in just 8 weeks. No other antibody supplier can offer so many ways to find an antibody so quickly.

Copies of the 2007 Antibody Source Book can be requested from AbD Serotec at www.ab-direct.com

For more information please contact Sandra Rengsberger, Media Coordinator, AbD Serotec, Tel: +49 89 899 27 305; Email: