Search engines for finding antibodies

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Big E
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Search engines for finding antibodies

Are there any other search engines for finding specific antibodies, other than Abcam?

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Biocompare is very good

Biocompare is very good (allows for comparative pricing of antibodies from many suppliers).

Herwig Just
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Exact Antigen has a nice

Exact Antigen has a nice search machine:

Check out the link

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i've used biocompare alot,

i've used biocompare alot, you can always just go to the websites for specific vendors also.

marcus muench
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Linscott's Directory is very

Linscott's Directory is very good.

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Try antibody resouce page

Try antibody resouce page

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IHC Mall - Search and find

IHC Mall - Search and find antibodies alphabetically or by research areas.

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As for the primary antibody

As for the primary antibody resorces,I think the best or maybe the only way is through literatures.As for the primary antibody utilization,except it has been widely characterized by previous authors,it must be viriously characterized by yourself before jumping into your targeted experiment.I want to stress here that the commercially available primary antibodies are not assured they are specific whether they are monoclonic or multipclonic.It is wise to warn those who take it for granted of the specificity of commercially sold primary specificity especially when dealing with a new antigen.For example,there are commercially available primary antigodies for the T type calcium channels from sant cruze,but the cross specifity has been questioned by one author and by personal communication with some one in this field,they thought they are bad in use.So these guys tured into home made their own primary antibodies instead of buying from santa cruz.This is just an case in point and the main information I want to convey is that the most important stuffs about your concerned primary antibodies are their previous usage record not just which company sells them or which one is relatively cheap.In short ,for a primary antibody ,the first and formost issue is whether it has been "recognised" or not by your peers.

With respect for the antibody related techniques such as immunohistochemistry and western blotting,I think the book titled Using Antibodies : A Laboratory Manual from the cold spring press is a very good one and aslo in my opinion it is a must for those dealing with antibodies.

Good luck and hope you find your approriate antibodies.

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Antibody Search Engine

Antibody Search Engine

you can search and find antibodies from 220 antibody suppliers online catalog worldwide in one place.

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I think there is a new one at

I think there is a new one at
or at

Big E wrote:

Are there any other search engines for finding specific antibodies, other than Abcam?
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I think the best and Most

I think the best and Most comprehensive search engine is Antibodydirectory (

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AbD Serotec has a free

AbD Serotec has a free Antibody Detective Service. They will hunt for your antibody and if they don't supply it, will tell you who does. You normally have an answer within 24 hours.

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Here are summarized and

Here are summarized and updated listings:

Exact Antigen is now labome

Usually I had to use more than one of these engines to find the antibodies I needed.  None of these has worked for all my applications 
I like to use my own search engine.  It is a little broader, so it can find other kinds of reagents, too:


Cell lines, plasmids, equipment, chemical compounds, and antibodies.

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I've used also Biocompare and

I've used also Biocompare and these others and those are good but try also HyTest search.

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 Yes, I always use Biocompare

 Yes, I always use Biocompare. It gives best information from many different suppliers.

- Zhanglin

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 I'm sorry for inturrupting

 I'm sorry for inturrupting but I have a qquestion that I could not find an answer to it 

 what is  the best way  to active immunize against some gene ... better than risking knock it out while we can only make the immune syste  produce some antibodies against it????

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Check out R&D Systems website

Check out R&D Systems website, they've got thousands of abs.  Fill in the searchbox and see what they might have.