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Help in IHC

I want to know how many molecules I can localize and quantitate in an section in one shot? What are the things I should take care while buying the antibodies.

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Arvind Singh Pundir
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Thanks for replying my query

Thanks for replying my query but I am not finding the solution. My problem is that I want to localize 3 molecules in a single slide for confocal microscopy, so I want to know how to select these three primary and secondary antibodies? My experimental animal is rat and I want to do it in brain sections. Please help.

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Each of your primary

Each of your primary antibodies should be raised in a different species.

target 1 Primary Ab - Rabbit Polyclonal
Target 2 Primary Ab - Mouse monoclonal
target 3 Primary antibody - raised in chicken

then the secondary antibodies conjugated to each color fluorphore that you wish to use should be be for anti-rabbit, anti mouse and anti chicken in this example. It is best to use preconjugated secondaries in this case to minimize target cross-detection

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And try to make sure that

And try to make sure that spectra for your secondary antibodies has as little degree of overlap as possible so you can get some clean images.