Assoc Scientist Position: Schering Plough Hybridoma Development

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Assoc Scientist Position: Schering Plough Hybridoma Development

Associate Scientist, Hybridoma Production
Business Division Research and Development
Country U.S.A.
Location CA Palo Alto

Job Description The selected candidate will join a team responsible for the development and application of hybridoma technology and/or other biological discovery approaches to support research through production of monoclonal antibodies against targets of therapeutic interest with the aim of increasing the throughput and yield of high-affinity antibodies.

Specific responsibilities will include electro-cell fusion, generation, cloning, and production of monoclonal antibodies, tissue culture maintenance, assay development, performance of ELISA and FACS screens, and T-cell/B-cell isolation.
Minimal education required for this job Bachelors Degree -- Any

Skills Qualifications include a BS/MS degree in Biology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Immunology or a related field with 3+ years of academic or industrial experience, including hybridoma construction and production of murine monoclonal antibodies. Candidate should have an excellent tissue culture skills and the ability to work independently, along with strong organization skills.

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I am a conscientious and

I am a conscientious and organized professional with over 15 years biological laboratory hands on and managerial experience in the biotechnology industry. I hold a B.S. degree in Biology. I most recently worked as a Consultant working with emerging biotech companies. I am interested in getting back to my first passion as a bench scientist.

While working in the biotech industry a functioned as a laboratory manager. I have been responsible for scheduling of project work and personnel, personnel evaluation, training and insurring laboratory compliance to cGMP and GLP standards.

I have extensive experience performing ELISA, RIA, Western Blot, gel electrophoresis, IEF and immunoblot analysis as well as bioassay development. I am also experienced and feel comfortable handling radioisotopes and biohazard material.

I am experienced in design and analysis of experiments in a cGMP environment and successfully transferred these designs to the manufacturing platform. I have authored Standard Operating Procedures and protocols. I am very accustomed to managing multiple tasks simultaneously. I have excellent computer skills, superior organizational skills and pay very close attention to detail. I am also accustomed to presenting research data in written reports as well as oral presentations.

Throughout my career I have developed both monoclonal and polyclonal antibody producing mammalian cell lines. I have performed mice immunization, serum analysis, cell fusion, subcloning and scale up activities. I have many years experience culturing these cells in stationary flasks as well as both stirred and hollow fiber bioreactors. I have experience setting up both table top and floor model biofermentors.

I have extensive experience with continuous culturing of both anchorage dependent and suspension cell lines. I have also established primary cell cultures from mammalian tissue. I have extensive experience in establishing cell banks, growth media optimization and the creation of cryopreserved cell stock.

I am very accustomed to working in a team environment and I communicate well with others. I am experienced and very comfortable making written as well as oral presentations.