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dr asif
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ELISA Plates

I was using cell culture grade ELISA plates of Corning for sandwich ELISA and my results were not appreciable especially for a specific serotype of Poliovirus. Then i started using Maxisorp NUNC plates and the O.D improved quite well. Can any one guide me or atleast give any scientific reason for that.
I need help in this regard thats why I chose this forum.

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Well, I'm not sure, but i

Well, I'm not sure, but i think it has to do with the protein binding capacity of the plates.
For ELISA I usually use Costar 9018 plates, which are high binding.

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According to the manufacturer

According to the manufacturer, Maxisorp has better capacity to bind Ab (so you can use in sandwich ELISA). Polysorp plates have better capacity to bind antigens instead, so they are indicated to indirect ELISA.
Of course you can use any plate you want but if you use Maxisorp (in your case) you will get better results and probably lower background.

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Dear Fujiwara,

Dear Fujiwara,

"Polysorp plates have better capacity to bind antigens instead"

Antigens are very different in terms of polarity and pKi and so on.
Thyroglobulin and insulin are antigens, but how different they are!
You cannot seriously say antigens in general, its not a help.

Thank you.