buffalo cloning

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buffalo cloning

I want to know the details about buffalo cloning
How its possible to clone buffaloes??? i want to know the exact machanism of buffalo cloning....

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For this you can contact NDRI

For this you can contact NDRI Karnal scientists in India. They have cloned buffalo calf according to this news.
Indian scientists clone first buffalo in the world
The buffalo clone named Samrupa is the first time some animal has been cloned in India. ‘Samrupa’ is a Hindi word meaning some one who is exactly same as some one else. So, samrupa was exactly same as her mother buffalo.  for details see the link.....

Arvind Singh Pundir
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The world's first cloned

The world's first cloned buffalo calf at the National Dairy Research Institute in Karnal, Haryana, INDIA had left an optimistic message behind – that India's livestock farmers have a lot to cheer in years to come. With a little tweaking, the scientists hope to fine tune the 'hand-guided' cloning technique to produce perfect clones soon 
Buffalo clone raises livestock hopes

or visit NDRI website and contact NDRI Scientist for Details at : www.ndri.res.in/data.php