Tissue Models For Therapeutics

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Tissue Models For Therapeutics

Cells, tissues, and organs function in a 3-D environment. Ideally, cell-based models that capture both the 3-D organization and multicellular complexity of the target system provide the most powerful tools for screening the effects of therapeutic candidates. This meeting bridges tissue engineers who are constructing the 3-D models with biologists who are studying healthy vs. diseased states and pharmacologists who are developing high-throughput screening assays. As with 3-D biological models, each specialty provides insight into the complete system. CHI's 2nd Annual Tissue Models for Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical conference where the attendees you meet are as important as the faculty.

REGISTRATION - http://www.healthtech.com/2005/TBS/

Keynote Presentation
Cells and Tissues in Context: Culture Models for the 21st Century!
Dr. Mina J. Bissell, Distinguished Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Scientific Advisors
Dr. Angela Cacace, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
Dr. Jonathan Garlick, Tufts University
Dr. Linda Griffith, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Robert Langer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This Conference is running concurrently with
Stem Cell Research, August 29-31, 2005