Loosing seal going whole cell

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Loosing seal going whole cell

Hi there,
I have been trying to patch from Purkinje neurons and am having difficulty. I can seal the cells very consistently, however when I apply suction, the seal drops immediately down to less than 100 MOs nearly every time. I am not sure if it is the quality of the cells or a problem with the solutions.  The internal solution has an osmolarity of 290, and the external (Tyrode's) is at 320. Any suggestions would be immensely appreciated!
Thanks so much!

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When you apply suction, do

When you apply suction, do you keep the electrode potential near the restig potential? (I am assuming that you use high K internal solution. )
Or, do you use gluconate (or something else instead of K)  internal solution? In such case, I doubt the cell.