Cat Brain Atlas

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Cat Brain Atlas

I have some pretty old cat brian atlas in the lab. They are simply nissl stained pictures and do not have that many areas marked in them. Do any of you know of a more updated atlas available online?

Fraser Moss
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There are maps for multiple

There are maps for multiple species at
cat altas is at
another site which might be more detailed is

Guy Sovak
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I like the Atlas of the Cat's

I like the Atlas of the Cat's brain.
Pitty that it is not labled.
Many similarities to the Human brain.

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Hi Fresermoss,

Hi Fresermoss,
 Do you have any idae why scientists using cat brain rather than other animals?

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Dear Sencajal,

Dear Sencajal,
 We use the cat because it has CNS mediated reflex responses that the rat simply does not have, e.g. emesis. The rat is a poor model for many areas of physiology.