tissue storage method

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tissue storage method

Dear Friends

I would like to know what is the simplest way for storage tissue samples(polyps and biopsies) for a period ot time ( up to 3 months) for flow cytometry analysis. I know that the best way is using cryomedia (RPMI + DMSO ) and freezing overnight in -70 and then transfer to liquies nitrogen but what happen if I put my samples immediately in liquid nitrogen or store them for long time in -20 freezer.
any comment or suggestion would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance



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I haven't had to store the

I haven't had to store the tissues myself, however I've processed a lot of tissues that were stored in very different ways. I think snap freezing, directly into liquid nitrogen, is the best way to freeze tissues and retain integrity.

Depending on the type of tissue and what you are using the tissue for you can get various stablization buffers for snap freezing and storage that will further stabilize the tissues.