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skin substitute


I am trying to test an assay setup that requires a relatively large piece of skin sample (2-3 inches in diameter). Can someone suggest a substitute material that has similar consistency and is easy to obtain and cheap?



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I don't know if this

I don't know if this qualifies as a "skin substitute" but potato skin/thin peels are actually *used* as a skin substitute in burn patients - you can look that up to see if the peels are treated in any way.

Richard Taylor
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pig skin?

pig skin?

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Richard is correct- pig skin

Richard is correct- pig skin is widely considered the best model tissue for human skin in the wound care field.


Sullivan TP et al (2001). The pig as a model for for human wound healing. Wound Repair Regeneration 9(2):66-76


Middelkoop E et al (2004). Porcine wound models for skin substitution and burn treatment. Biomaterials 25(9):1559-67.

If you just need an anatomical / mechanical model, you can purchase a pig belly from your local abattoir. The dermal and epidermal layers will be approximately the same as in human skin (~2-2.5mm), the thick layer of fat can be dissected away.

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If you need a living

If you need a living construct, try Apligraf from Organogenesis ( It's expensive, though. I asked a rep at a meeting about the possibility of obtaining some expired samples for my in vitro work, but never heard back.