ICP OES Standard Prep

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ICP OES Standard Prep

Our company has just invested in a new Thermo Fisher iCap6300 and ive been put in charge of method development and integration.

As I am very new to this field of work I just wanted to get some idea of how to handle the 1000ppm standards I have to buy in for Arsenic and Mercury.

I have never had to deal with poisons before and wanted to ensure everything is done correctly.

I have the MSDS for these products but to be honest it doesnt tell you how to use these chemicals in this kind of application.

Many Thanks in advance

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Biggest piece of advise we

Biggest piece of advise we can give you is not to drink them :)

All joking aside, general good laboratory practises concerning SHE-regulation should be utilized: wearing gloves, a lab coat and safety glasses.
Disposal of chemical waste should be according to your local regulatory guidelines/requisites (most commonly it's picked up separately, after which it's incinerated)

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 In 1000ppm concentrations,

 In 1000ppm concentrations, neither should be overly dangerous for normal use. The As in particular should be no issue, especially after further dilutions. Mercury may pose more of a problem, but again, in solution at 1000ppm it is most likely also fairly safe so long as you follow basic lab safety. I assume they are both in a nitric acid matrix (probably around 2-5%)? That tend to increase the stability quite a bit as well.