Loss on drying (NAC)

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Loss on drying (NAC)


In USP : Loss on drying : Dry it at a pressure of about 50 mm of mercuric at 70 C for  4 hours: it loses not more than 1.0% of it weight

I have only hot air oven / don't have vacuum oven.
I can use hot air oven intead vacuum oven ???? 
If I can What  status  as pressure of  about 50 mm of mercuric at 70 C

help me please , thank you very much

Dr. Analytical
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The drying is performed at

The drying is performed at reduced pressure so that the temperature can also be reduced.  The compound may be unstable at 100 C.  Drying in a hot air oven may not give the same result.

If you want to do a USP test, then this change would not be acceptable.