Analysis of moisture by TCD-GC

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Analysis of moisture by TCD-GC

Dear Sir,
Pl. suggest how to analyse moisture in acetaldehyde, Ethyl acetate by TCD- GC?

Dr. Analytical
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All forms of chromatography

All forms of chromatography require that you calibrate your system.  If you want to determine water, you will need to prepare standards of known concentrations of water in some solvent that does not contain any water.  This may be difficult.  You may have to carefully dry the solvent.

Then, you must choose a chromatography column that will allow separation of water from the solvent.  I suggest a polar "wax" column (e.g., DB-Wax).  A TCD detector will be required.  You will have to experiment with operating conditions.

There are other ways to make this measurement also, but this approach is easy if you have the equipment.