ICP-OES Resources (e.g linear range charts)

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ICP-OES Resources (e.g linear range charts)

Hello fellow Chemists, 

I been looking for sites on the intenet with collected knowledges about ICP-OES.

Some particular studies I am interested in:

1) Char for linear ranges for different wavelengts for different elements.
 (Right now I have for example made several methods with Na, K and used quadratic curve fit but I am interested if there is some different wavelength I could have used instead to use linear curve fit )

2) Explanations how to use Ionization potential or Excitation Potential / Ion or Atom-line when developing a new method. And maybe charts with different wavelengt-potentials. 
(I am not sure how to use that to my benefit)

3) How is the best way to determine robustness in the development phase, when I am varying e.g. RF-power. Do I measure a sample 45 times and calculate %RSD or Do I measure the sample a few times at different days. 

4) Genaral chart for different wavelengths and elements for e.g. RF-power and Neb-flow vs robustness/Accuracy/Precision.  

If you are willing please answer with suggestions and links where I can learn more.