M/Z 369, 54, 132, 149 in GC/MS

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M/Z 369, 54, 132, 149 in GC/MS

Anyone know what this could be? Thanks.

Dr. Analytical
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It is difficult to answer

It is difficult to answer without seeing the spectrum.  I assume that these are the major peaks.  Which one is the base peak?

From the tables of common fragments you can get the following:

54: C4H6 (suggests some unsaturation)
132: many possibilities, including C7H16O, C6H12O3, C10H12
149: C10, H15N, 9H11NO, C7H7N3
369: remember the nitrogen rule (odd number of nitrogens produces odd mass)

149 to 132 suggests loss of OH
132 to 54 suggests loss of C6H6

You can also get some clues from the isotope patterns.

I am not an expert in MS interpretation, but this is how I would get started.  Obviously more information would be helpful: GC conditions and retention time for this peak.