formic acid detection by hplc?

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formic acid detection by hplc?

 hi, in my lab we have a sample that we suspect has formic acid as a side product.

we're primarily looking for a way to detect, then maybe quantitate later if we do detect some.

i need details on what kind of column, mobile phase, flowrate, UV detection wavelength etc for hplc. 


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Formic acid is very soluble

Formic acid is very soluble in water, and so it will be difficult to retain it on most reversed phase columns.  You could try a "polar embedded phase" and a slightly acidic mobile phase (0.05 - 0.1% phosphoric acid).  These columns are more retentive than regular RP phases.  Typical examples are: Bonus RP (Agilent), Ultra II IBD (Restek), and RP Amide (Supelco).

Detection will be difficult with an absorbance detector - try 210 nm, but don't expect high sensitivity.  Refractice index might also be an option.