CBDA extraction with n-hexane

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CBDA extraction with n-hexane

I did extraction of plant material with n hexane, and I collected 4 fractions into separate tubes.
Then I measured them on HPLC resulting in:
1 fraction (1 big peak of CBDA asit supossed to be)
2 fraction (shift of CBDA peak (1min to early, peak is much thinner and smaller) AND another much smaller peak was visible just next to it.
3 fraction (the same as 2nd but both peaks are smaller)
4 fraction (the same as 2nd and 3rd but both peaks are smaller)

Anybody can help and tell me what happend with CBDA in 2nd 3rd 4th fraction? For sure it's some kind of interaction of CBDA with n-hexane but I could not find any data about it in literatue. 

Dr. Analytical
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Dear OlgaG:

Dear OlgaG:
Please tell us what CBDA is.  Also, please give us information about your chromatography system:
Column (size and packing)
Mobile Phase
Detector settings
Injection volume


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 CBDA is cannabidiolic acid

 CBDA is cannabidiolic acid and is major cannabinoid in fiber type cannabis.

I forgot to add in previous post that if all fractions are combined together, chromatogram looks almost the same as from 1st fraction (no shift in time, lack of another peak "sticked" to it as in other fractions) which indicates that there is no problem with HPLC method but with n-hexane extraction of plant material.