How to determine the amount of enzyme to use?

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Lavinia Ardianto
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How to determine the amount of enzyme to use?

Hi everyone,

Currently, I'm working with protease enzyme named Flavourzyme (from Novozyme). It's said that its declared activity = 1000 LAPU/g. 1 LAPU means  the amount of enzyme that hydrolyses 1 µmol of leucine-p-nitroanilide per minute. However I've always seen that mostly the enzyme unit is in U/g (1 Unit of enzyme activity degrades 1 micromole of glycosidic bonds per minute).
Now, I'm getting confused about how to convert enzyme unit from LAPU/g to U/g?? Aren't they just the same?
Then, I want to use the flavourzyme to hydrolyse protein in chicken. I found a reference which also use flavourzyme on chicken and it said:

"The best enzymolysis conditions were temperature 50oC, pH 7, substrate concentration 5%, enzyme dosage 4000 U/g, hydrolysis time 4 hours"
How to prepare enzyme with dosage 4000 U/g?? How much enzyme should I use? Please help me because I'm so confused about it.

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